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xiaomi camera division

One thing for sure we all know is that the camera of a smartphone is one of its most important features. That is why new evolving phone companies are using cameras built by big tech companies such as Samsung and Sony.

Xiaomi has been doing the same but has recently decided to create an in-house camera division of its own. The news got out by a leaked internal e-mail of the company.

Xiaomi is one of the fastest growing phone companies in the world and as it grows it has felt the need to improve its camera division to build better cameras for its future phones.

It’s not that the company has been bashed for its camera performance, Xiaomi’s camera in recent phones have marvellously performed well as compared to its competitors.

But instead of letting the big guys take credit for the camera results, Xiaomi hopes that improving the camera and image quality by having a dedicated team would make the company beat its competitors while getting closer to compete with larger phone companies.

Setting up a complete camera division is not expected to be happening soon and awaited new upcoming Xiaomi phones would not be including the division’s work for now.

Xiaomi would be trying its luck with this card as we can never say whether this division would take the quality of the camera at par with the top smartphone OEMs of the world.

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