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how you doin jo baat hai

Every Pakistani knows a catch phrase which makes them look ‘kewl’ (or they think they do). Short, slang replies are the new trend now, aren’t they?

Homework kar liya? ‘Yo’. Khana khaliya? ‘Yo’.

Are you feeling left out and don’t know who’s saying what? We bring to you the 10 phrases most used by desis all over Pakistan. 

Jo Baat Hai (jbh)

Saw some relatable posts on Facebook or insta and don’t know what to comment? Writes, Jo baat hai.

Dost ne legendary baat boldi, reply kya mila? Jo baat hai. Your friend keeps roasting you and you don’t have a comeback? Koi nahin, “jo baat hai” bol ke foran cool bann jao. Want to read interesting articles and have a one stop website for all kinds of information? Jo Baat Hai (dot pk)!

Bas 5 mins

Famous for being overused and trusted for 0% accuracy, this phrase has a special place in everyone’s heart.

Sab ready hain, kitni dair lagi gee? Bas 5 mins.

Ami ne table par bula liya, khana kab milega?

Beta, bas 5 min!bas 5 min

Best hai

Outing with friends be like- Yaar ye gaari best hai. Wo ice cream khanay chalo, best hai.

Ek joota pare ga

Ah, desi parents and the joota.

Ami marks achay nahi aye. Abu paisay dedein… Eeeek joota pare ga? Hehe

joota sharif


Scene on karo

Kahin Jana hai? Plan ban raha hai? Dost mil rahe hain?

Bro, scene on karo!

Miss karao

Greatly used by Lahoris- in other words, Kisi cheez ya dost ko katana.

Got better plans with other friends? Miss Karao. And there is one phrase which is the antonym of this phrase, and that is: Yes karao!

Bae ho yaar

Dost ne khana khila diya, homework copy karwa diya…

Tou, bae ho yaar.

Warna, baekaar hai mera yaar.

Jaahil awaam

Khud ye kaam karlin tou reasons deingay. Lekin Kisi ne road par kachra phenk diya. Paan thook diya, wrong way agaya, tou wo Jaahil awaam.

jaahil awaam

Fitteh Moofitteh moo

Picture says it all.


This is a phrase with multiple interpretations. (Read aloud for more effect)

  1. Shock- OH MY GOD (widen eyes for maximum effect)
  2. Anger- Oh. My. God. (grit teeth while speaking)
  3. Happiness- OHMYGOD yes! (scream and jump)
  4. Sarcasm- OMG, please (roll eyes and face palm)

omg omg

And the list can go on and on. Why don’t you let us know your ‘catchphrase?’


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