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Shaadi business is serious business. And choosing an entrance song is almost as important as choosing the groom. Please.

You don’t want something which is typical and has already been played at all the weddings that year, or the year before. You want something that speaks to you, that explains how you feel… about going away with your husband, about leaving your parents, about growing up, about falling in love… it is complicated business. But there are some songs that can understand you and you just feel it’s right. When I got married, I spent months making lists of songs to enter on at my shaadi. If you like em, you wouldn’t have to spend as much time making your list! Here are a few which made it to the final list.

Kya Khayal Hai:

This is an absolutely beautiful song by Zeb and Haniya ft The Dewarists. It talks about togetherness, friendship, home, life and sharing. A sweet mixture of Persian and Urdu, this song is a brilliant choice.

Mast Magan:

A song from the Indian movie “2 States”, this song is all about love. Its about sacrifice and contentment, and how one patiently awaits one’s beloved. It’s very romantic, so you might want to give this song a listen.

Ghar Nari:

If you are into qawwalis then this number is going to interest you a lot. Sung by Abu Muhammad Farid Ayaz originally, this song talks about love can be found in the most unlikeliest of places, and in how love is irrevocable, unconditional and eternal. “Ho Mann Jahaan” used this qawwali and that is my personal favorite version of this song.

Some translation of the song, just for fun:

Let the housewife say what she will,
I stole a glance from the eyes of Nizam.

His darling face and his charming form I have hidden in the depths of my heart.
Let Khusrao perish at the feet of Nizam, I have just sold him a priceless maid [Khusrau himself]

Khusrau! It is the blissful wedding night; I awake with my love.
The body mine, the heart my lover’s— both coloured in the same hue.

O Humdum Soniyo Re:

This song is a little different than all the others in this list – it has some fun element in it, with the music and the rap. But this song is a classic and I absolutely love the lyrics (I kinda also love Vivek Oberoi, so yeah). It could make for a fun entrance, in contrast to the usual emotional/intense/dramatic entrances at weddings.

Ye Betiyan Tou:

This is a song from a not-very-well-known Indian movie called “Na Tum Jaano Na Hum”, starring Hrithik Roshan, Esha Deol and Saif Ali Khan. This could double as an entrance or a rukhsati song, it works both ways. Very sweet, melodic and dramatic song. Perfect for the shaadi day in any capacity at all.


So this one is probably one that none of you have ever heard before… it is the soundtrack of a serial that used to air on Sony Tv once upon a time. The drama, called “Kuch Tou Log Kahenge”, was “inspired” by one of our own Pakistani dramas. Anyhow, the drama was nothing great but one good thing to come out of it was this song. The husky voice of the singer, the lyrics, everything… I think is magical, and makes for a truly great shaadi entrance song.

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