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Sonam Kapoor Mehndi

Sonam and Anand: Everyday Phenomenal

As far as Bollywood actors/actresses go, there is only one name that has always interested me, and that’s Sonam Kapoor. There is nobody else in Bollywood who is as fashionable as she is, nor as effortlessly cute. And bless my stars, she is getting married tomorrow. I was probably less excited about my own wedding. Seriously.

But I think with stardom comes a certain sense of being a constant disappointment to certain people.

Take me for example; I am totally looking forward to seeing the outfits that she wears, will she go traditional or contemporary with her jewelry, and the makeup choices that she will make. And if she does anything less than what I expect, my reaction will be “Kya bakwas hai yaar. She could’ve done so much better.” And that is unfair.

Well. That was the only bit that was guided by my conscience. Let us get down to some GOSSIP!!!

So, yesterday was Sonam’s Mehndi lagai rasam, which included drinks and dance and lots of blurry photographs on Instagram. Sonam chose to wear a gorgeous lehenga by Anuradha Vakil, in soft hues of pink, lilac and coral. Take a look.

Sonam Kapoor Mehndi

Sonam and Anand Mehndi

Sonam Mehndi Family

The mehndi lagai was, of course, a star-studded event (because half of Bollywood is part of the Kapoor khaandaan, so I mean, it’s a given).

I have to say though; I think Janhvi Kapoor is slightly dumb: I mean why did she choose to wear white on the mehndi lagai when the entire color theme for the Sangeet was white???? Sigh.

Today was Sonam and Anand’s Sangeet. I like being on first name basis with them, makes me feel good about my otherwise dull social circle. I hope none of my friends read this. Lolz. So the Sangeet, as I just mentioned, was an all-white themed event. And it looked beautiful. There was dance and drinks and a live performance by none other than Sukhbiiirrrr! There was also the choora rasam, which is the whole elaborate gold bangles hanging from the wrists of the bride and she bangs her wrists together to see which bachelorette the choora will fall on, in order to predict who will get married next. Aren’t Indians the brightest. Here are a few pictures so you don’t have to read more of my crap.

Sonam Kapoor Mehndi

Sonam ki Mehndi

Sonam and Katrina

I hate Katrina Kaif but I think Sonam Kapoor looks gorgeous. Not because I am biased or anything, but because it is not just the clothes or the jewelry or the makeup (all of which is GREAT by the way). But it is the fact that she looks so happy. And one cannot help but feel happy for her after looking at these photos.

You go, girl! Make your #EverydayPhenomenal.

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