Shell Pakistan Puts the Storm Behind: ST Registration Restored 0 387

Shell Pakistan Sale Tax

Shell Pakistan Limited restores its reputation and sales tax registration as ordered by Sindh High Court.

The company admits to have received a notice from the FBR demanding explanations for the discrepancies by 30th April 2018. Company representative clarifies that the amount of tax was paid in full and thus no shortfall in the payment of tax was there to highlight.

Though the FBR was over efficient to suspend the company’s GST license before the imposed time given to the company to respond; rendering the suspension null and void.

SHC suspended the FBR directive resultantly and ordered to reinstate Shell’s license with immediate effect.

Shell Pakistan has complied with the tax authorities in order to resolve the issue, so it is said.

However, LTU states that decision by SHC was made in public interest and not on factual grounds as the hearing was fixed for 30th April 2018 but the evasion in sales tax to the tune of Rs. 3 billion has been ongoing since November 2016.

Although the sales tax registration of the Shell Pakistan Limited has been restored, the proceedings of tax department will remain continued

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