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Sanju Movie

Sanjay Dutt has always been an interesting persona. I remember the first time I really had him on my radar was when I saw his iconic movie: Munna Bhai MBBS. That was really a brilliant film, and his acting in it was absolutely amazing.

Muna Bhai MBBS

However, after that, he was often in the news for various reasons. He went to prison for a while and fell off the radar.

But recently he made an appearance with Aamir Khan in PK and we all were reminded of how good an actor he really is.

Besides his acting roles, I really didn’t know much about this guy. I didn’t know (maybe didn’t want to know) why he went to jail. So when I found out that Rajkumar Hirani was making a biopic of his controversial life, I was kind of excited. The trailer dropped recently and who else but the multi-talented Ranbir Kapoor is playing the lead role!

Sanju Movie Poster

The trailer starts as Kapoor comes out of a prison gate, looking like Sanjay’s twin. Honestly, I was quite shocked for a second because he looked exactly like Sanjay!

Ranbir looked exactly like Sanjay

He starts recounting phases of Dutt’s life, which becomes more fascinating by the second. I mean, anyone who’s had “teen-sau-aath (308) girlfriends” surely has led some life amirite?!

Sanju Teaser

After all the up’s and down’s he narrated, he comes forward and tells you to fasten your seatbelts because “mausam bigarne wala hai!

Phenomenal actor, Ranbir Kapoor, earlier told the news agency that it’s not a “propaganda film” trying to portray him “as God.” Ranbir Kapoor is reported to have said: “We are trying to show a very human side of Sanjay Dutt, his perils, his downfall, his will to fight… how he handled his mother’s death two days before the release of his debut film, his relationship with his father. These were human conflicts in his life.

The cast of Sanju features Dia Mirza as Sanjay Dutt’s wife Maanyata. There’s also Paresh Rawal as Sunil Dutt, Karishma Tanna as Madhuri Dixit and Manisha Koirala as Nargis. Distinguished actresses, Anushka Sharma and Sonam Kapoor, have extended cameos in the film too.

Love how the director himself is totally impressed by Ranbir’s transformation!

 And this tweet just took the words out of my mouth!

I couldn’t agree more with Rishi Kapoor! I can’t wait to see this movie, looks SO INTERESTING!!

The movie comes out June 29th and it couldn’t get here soon enough!

Sanju Official Teaser

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