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Samsung Galaxy S10 Leak

While the Galaxy S9 soars in sales around the globe, the latest photo which reportedly appears to be that of the Galaxy S10 prototype has surfaced.

No Notch, no bezels, no speaker and none of the sensors are visible at the front giving a unique beauty to the prototype. The beauty and elegant looking prototype might even give the Galaxy S9 users a second thought on their recent purchase.

“This may be a design beyond” is what the leaker Ice Universe wrote in the tweet below the photo of the alleged S10 prototype. But Ice Universe themselves have just said it is the “design beyond” not actually labelling it with Samsung Galaxy S10.

The phone looks big enough with a curved beautiful screen, which is almost all you can see from the front of the phone as it covers the entire length of the device.

The design is altogether what is expected from all upcoming phones with tech giants reducing the bezels and make them microscopic.

Wait, hold on! Don’t get so excited because if you haven’t already forgotten, this is just the first rumored prototype and might or might not be the actual Samsung Galaxy S10. The problem with this rumored prototype is that photo leaks and prototypes usually surface a 2 to 4 months before the launching date of the actual phone and as we expect that the next S series phone from Samsung would not be launching sooner than February, making the credibility of this prototype weak.

The alleged prototype may also raise questions to how could Samsung not include a front facing camera? Or no sensors etc. but Samsung, being a tech giant pull it off easily as we have already seen a pop-out camera in the Oppo Find X, heard a rumored built-in screen fingerprint and known a built in screen speaker in the Mi Mix.

But could this be the actual Samsung Galaxy S10? We would just have to wait and see.

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