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With the FIFA World Cup 2018 starting in just a few days, many fans from all over the world would be making plans on where best to watch the matches. It could be at your own home, at a friend’s place with a giant LED TV or it could be at a local restaurant that has switched on to the channel that is broadcasting the match. While for most people this plan would suffice, but for a few out there, travelling to Russia for the world cup is a better option. There is nothing like watching a match on the ground.

When you are watching the match on TV there are no rules to follow. However, if you plan on going to Russia for the FIFA World Cup then you are bound to have proper guidance in what to do and what not to do. Here is what you need to know.


The weather of the country during the day could be anywhere around 25 degrees to 27 degrees during the time of June and July. While the night time weather could be even cooler. Furthermore, the price of the hotels are going to be quite higher than usual so put that into account before you plan on booking a hotel for yourself. The best way to avoid too much of a high price is by looking for accommodation near the host city instead of the city where the match is going to take place. The accommodations there are going to be a lot cheaper than the actual host cities. Since the train and the taxi fare is not a lot, you can save up money like this.


Its best to save money on food by not eating at the expensive restaurants. In addition to that, there are quite a few restaurants in Russia that serve halal food options which can be great for us Pakistani people. You can also go into supermarkets to buy drinks and snacks for your small food cravings instead of ordering them at restaurants.


Although it’s a safe country, but there are incidents where you may be mugged. There is also a chance that you may cheated by some stranger by spiking your drinks which is why you must not accept anything from a stranger. Furthermore, do not agree on taking care of a stranger’s luggage anywhere. They could have something illegal and you may end up getting in trouble.


One thing you should be aware of is that there are going to be a lot of people from different ethnicities and culture in that country, due to the FIFA World Cup. Make sure that you put forward your best attitude towards them. You are going to not only be representative of your own personality, but also your country. If you are unsure if something may or may not offend someone, it is best not to act upon it.

So there you have it. Your tips and tricks to save in Russia while enjoying the FIFA World Cup. Of course everyone’s experience differs from each other, but one thing is for sure, you are going to have a memorable time in that new country.

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