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Before applying for jobs, it is very important to know what you want from your job. And by that I don’t mean the career path you want to choose, or the field or the industry, because honestly a lot of people are clueless about that even after decades of working. Some people never find out what their true passion in life is. So it is okay if you don’t have that figured out. You’ll live. What IS important though, is what you want to take away from your job at the end of the day, apart from your salary and benefits.

Analyze your job content/job description in regards to who you are as a person:

Your job should be based on your personality, your strengths, and should encourage you to work on your areas of improvement. However, there is a very thin line between encouraging to improve your weaknesses, and making you uncomfortable. So make sure you know exactly where to draw that line. The work that you do daily should make you feel productive, worthy and you should feel yourself learning something new or becoming better at something you weren’t previously good at. Any work you do should make you go forward, not backward.

Your boss and your team:

It is very important to know the people you will be directly working with and reporting to. It needs to be a healthy relationship between team members – one of encouragement and helpfulness, not of disregard and spite. Your boss should give you constructive criticism and not put you down, in order to help you grow. There should be a level of respect between you and your boss, so that if he/she/it ever scolds you, you take it in stride and don’t get angry or upset and disheartened, because you’ll know its all coming from a good place.

Culture of your workplace:

This is a macro view of the previous point. It extends onto the whole organization. The culture should be an inclusive one and should accommodate anyone and everyone. It should not be sexist, racist, discriminatory, prejudiced, discouraging, gloomy and tired.


This is probably the first thing some people look for in any given job. And of course, it is very important. You should know the salary you’re worth of, and then expect that. Leave a little room to go above or below, but know where to stop and say no.

For some people, other things might also go into considering a job, like location and office hours. They are not at the top of my list, however, as I believe they are very small factors in something as huge as a career choice, and I encourage everyone to be mobile and get to wherever you need to get to, to do that job that you love so much.

Happy, productive day to you all!

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