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Sometimes, when you just don’t want to invest in a new piece of furniture or you simply can’t part with the piece of furniture that gave you so many memories, you stick to having antique furniture in your house. Whether you are trying to restore an old piece of furniture or you just bought some old chest of drawers or a used sofa set from an antique shop, you will be required to restore it. But how do you achieve the look that makes your old furniture look nice and fancy?

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First and foremost, you would need to take your furniture out in the open. If you can’t do that, then just keep it in a room which is well ventilated.

In order for you to restore wooden furniture, you would need to have furniture polish, rags for cleaning up stains, paint brush, rubber gloves, sand paper and any other tools that you may need to restore a broken part.

When you are also trying to repair a part of the furniture, it is best to find the wood of the same kind that was previously used in the furniture. If it is just a small part of the leg of the furniture or a design of the furniture, it can be easily made by your local furniture shop for a small price. Even if you have the ability to cut pieces of wood with precision, then you can do so easily.

If there is any drawer handle that needs replacing and you cannot find a similar replacement, then try some different design and instead replace all the old handles with the new design too.

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In order to restore every part of the furniture, it is best to disassemble the furniture as much as possible. For example, if it is a table, remove the top and treat the bottom of the table as a separate part of the furniture.

Use the rags for cleaning the wooden surface along with water. This will help you get rid of the stains.

Of course not everything can be removed from a piece of cloth and water, which is why you also have the sandpaper. The sandpaper will help you get rid of all the blackness that the furniture may have been exposed to.

When you are done sanding the wooden furniture, then polish it with wood polish. Use rubber gloves during this process. After this, wait for the furniture to dry before using it again. The smell of the polish may remain for the next few days, and you may have to learn to bear with it.

By following all the above provided steps you can surely get a “newness” in an old thing that you probably thought was of going to be no use for you. so enjoy your old furniture with new twist and show off your homemaking skills to your family.

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