Red Shades Of The Unknown 0 397

Red Shades


I try to push him away as he continues to pin me against the furious wall.

My hands wail around as he effortlessly lifts me up so he can stare directly into the victim’s eyes and enjoy every shriek that escapes from my mouth.

His face then smoothly collides with the left side of my head, his pupils now look like pointed pearls, red surrounds these pearls, small scattered bloody veins gather around his eyes and finally, his fangs appear. I tightly close my eyes waiting for the pain to conquer my body, and then I feel his pointed teeth dig into my neck; red liquid flows freely down my neck and then my arms.

I barely look at my newly inflicted bite, cringing to myself as I see the red liquid run down my body. I scream, I cry but not a single voice comes out of my mouth. He smiles with satisfaction as he observes the work he has done and further continues to indulge in my bloodstained neck. I bravely look up and stare into his eyes,

“You’re better than this” I murmur.

Luckily he is able to catch every word I have said, and at that instant I see his eyes soften almost as if he feels guilty for what he has done. However, the softness in his eyes hardly lasts for a second, then his eyes travel to the ground and with renewed energy, he comes at me once again and my gut says this time he will not stop. He sucks out every drop of blood from me and the next thing he does surprises me. He cuts himself and pinches his cut to feed me drops of his blood. I feel myself come back to life as realization draws upon me – I am in transition to turn into a vampire. A being that sees red, dreams red and feeds on red.

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Rabiya Naseem
Procrastinate, eat, sleep & repeat. That pretty much makes up every day of my life.

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