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Super Fun VJ to brilliant actress, Mahira Khan has Pakistan completely infatuated! Here are five of the gazillion reasons why Mahira is the Nation’s most beloved actress of these times. Find out why Pakistani’s will seriously obsess over anything that is Mahira related in this post!

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It was the mid 2000’s. MTV Pakistan was still airing and among all the shows, there was one particular programme I always used to look forward to. It was hosted by a brilliant, energetic beautiful girl with a fun fashion sense and some serious spunk. Her super positive vibes literally emanated through the TV and made me smile.

Fast forward to a ground-breaking drama by HumTV called “Humsafar”, where this person was lead actress. Literally all of Pakistan cried and laughed along, loved and hated, but couldn’t resist watching this show.

And, just last week, she broke the Pakistani Instagram feed with her amazing presence at the international Cannes film festival in France.

I’m sure you’re not still wondering who I’m talking about right? The one and only Mahira Khan of course!

From VJ to actress, here are 5 of the things we all love about Mahira!

Her Personality

She might be super famous now, but one thing that hasn’t changed from her VJing days is her brilliantly down to earth personality. She is still as humble and energetic as she was so long ago and that’s really saying something!

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Her Smile

Who can resist it? Her smile is so wide and warm that you instantly fall in love! I’m pretty sure boys use her smile to try pick-up lines on her!

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Her Fashion Sense

Man does she rock some great looks! Whether formal or casual, everyone anticipates her appearances and we’re never disappointed. She always kills it!

mahira khan fashion sense
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Her Motherly Side and Bond With Her Son

Of course this is bound to melt just anyone and everyone. What’s sweeter than a mother/son relationship?

Ps. How cute is he?!

Her Ability to Voice Out What She Believes In

Revolution’s a-coming and while we all need to be a part of it, the people who are most in the public eye are the ones who will make a lot of impact. This cause needs all the support it can get and we are glad Mahira is actively advocating change. Right on!

And Of course, Her Acting

Ah, Mahira Khan has the ability to encapsulate a dramatic scene so perfectly that people remember it years later as well. I mean how can you ever forget her from Humsafar??

Humsafar Mummy ye aap kya keh rahi hain

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