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The Indian actress, 35, apologized after some furious reactions ensued because of her ABC series, Quantico, in which they show her uncovering a terrorist plot hatched by Hindu nationalists.
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Quantico is a US based spy thriller action series aired on the channel ABC, in which Chopra plays the role of an FBI agent, Alex Parrish. In this particular episode, they show her uncovering the terrorist plan of a Hindu nationalist group, who try to frame Pakistanis for an attack on Kashmir. Kashmir has, since 1947, been a bone of contention between the two rival states, and they have fought two wars over it.

This episode, aired on the 1st of June, triggered furious responses from Modi’s India, and many fans began calling Chopra a traitor, and telling her to “go to Pakistan”.
priyanka chopra traitor

To these allegations of being a traitor, Chopra replied saying that she was “a proud Indian and that will never change.”

The producers of the show also officially apologized, and also mentioned how the emotion stirred by the episode was being unfairly directed towards Priyanka Chopra, who neither created nor was responsible for any of the content portrayed in that episode, or any episode for that matter.

They went ahead to say that the show, because of the nature of events that it deals with, has depicted antagonists from different ethnicities and backgrounds, but they profusely apologize for meddling with a complex, historical political issue between India and Pakistan, embedded in Hindu nationalism in Modi’s India.

Before this incident, Hindu hardliners had criticized her on social media for making a visit to Rohingya Muslims but not paying due attention to persecuted Hindus during her visit to Bangladesh around the same time.
At another occasion, she was trolled for wearing an indecent dress to her meeting with the Indian Prime, Mr Narendra Modi, in Berlin last year.

Chopra, who is one if the highest-paid actresses in India, has a huge fan following and a lot of her films have been critically acclaimed performances.

Even though it is hard to believe that Priyanka Chopra would be a sellout and a traitor, it could be said that she is a little stupid. If she is acting out a part, she probably knows the story line. Knowing her country (and their extremist agendas under Modi saab) she should have probably been a little careful. But well, she isn’t the brightest now is she…
Remember when she named Mother Teresa as the most successful living woman today?

priyanka chopra miss world 2000.jxr
Mother Teresa, she said, missing out the blatantly obvious words “living today”
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