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After being seen together at last year’s Met Gala, where Priyanka Chopra claimed, “We were both wearing Ralph Lauren and we decided to go together. We were on the same table, I mean we know each other.” Well, excuse us if we don’t believe that statement of yours entirely.

The rumors of the two dating had fizzled out after the Met Gala last year, but they were reignited about two weeks ago when the 25 year old singer and the 35 year old Bollywood crossover actress were spotted together a couple of times in Los Angeles. Just last week, the “couple” were spotted having dinner together and warming up to each other and being very affectionate at their dinner table.

More recently, the two stars have taken to Instagram to give us more clues as to what might be brewing between the two of them. They have left sweet, flirtatious comments of each other’s Instagram posts, but they have not been able to hide from the public eye.

Nick Jonas commented on Priyanka Chopra’s post on Instagram with her friends at a burger joint, laughing and having a good time.

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Priyanka Chopra did not hesitate from flirting with Jonas on Instagram either, and left a coment on his photo with a koala bear in a Sydney Zoo. We think this exchange of comments is kinda cute.

They seem like a very awkward couple to me… I mean, it isn’t just the age difference. They don’t even look like they go well with each other – in the sense that they don’t seem to make each other look good. He looks like a fetus, and she looks a lot more glamorous and celebrity-like than he does. I mean, I am no Priyanka Chopra fan, but you must give credit where credit is due. She is cool, she is glamorous, she is independent, she is famous, she is a star. He just seems like he has tried very hard to be as cool as he is (which is not very much).

Regardless of how I might feel about them, I wish them both all the happiness. And may the “stars” work in their favor.

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