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You know what hurts more than a break up?? HAIR FALL! I mean, you can let someone go from your life but if you let your hair go……

hair fall

Anywaysss, I love my hair just like I love my Biryani (because zindagi mein dono important hain). A lot of girls and boys are suffering from hair loss these days and there can be many factors such as the chlorinated water we shower with or our *unhealthy* diet (like ama says) as well.

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We’ve got 5 such ways that’ll ‘egg’celerate your hair growth and cover almost every inch of your scalp.

1. Onion Juice

onion juice for hair

As weird as it sounds, onion juice contains high amounts of sulfur due to which circulation of blood enhances to the hair follicles and reduces inflammation. The anti bacterial properties in the juice help fight germs that can cause scalp infection ad hair loss. So, all you have to do it leave the juice in your for 30mins and rinse with warm water.

2. Eggs & Honey

egg and honey for hair

The irony, I hate the smell of eggs! Chalo, khana alag baat lekin baal mein kon lagai?
To eliminate the smell, add olive oil and honey. You can either apply a mask of these 3 ingredients or just an egg white, both beaten to a paste like consistency. This will not only help with preventing hair loss but make your hair smooth and silky!! (Works magnificently on the skin too)

3. Coconut Oil and Milk

coconut oilThis is a trusted ‘dadi-dada’ time remedy to regrow your hair. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, then all you need to do is combine a mixture of ¼ cup coconut milk, 2 tablespoons of yogurt and a tablespoon of honey. Rinse with cool water.

But if you’re lazy (like duniya ki aadhi awaam), then just apply some coconut oil, leave it for an hour and rinse with cool water. Voila!

4. Green Tea

green tea for hair

It is probably the most underrated method but green tea does wonders! It will help you with weigh loss problems as well as skin and hair! Talk about a whole package.

It revitalizes hair follicles and stimulates hair production, enhancing the metabolism which ultimately leads to increased rate of hair growth. Just condition your hair with green tea solution and wash.

5. Gummy Hair Tablets

gummy hair tablets

Used by the Kardashians and other celebs, these gummies are yummy! They taste just like gummy bears and increase your hair volume and rejuvenate them.

6. Castor Oil

castor oil to cure hair baldness

Can castor oil cure baldness? Yes, it can! This is literally the BEST solution not only for hair fall, but thicker hair too. Be it hair on your head, your eye lashes or your eyebrows. Castor oil – always for the win!

The oil is very thick so you need to mix it with any other hair oil such as coconut oil, argon oil or mustard oil. There is no harm in putting it directly also, but rinsing your hair will then become a deadly task for you. Proportion of castor oil to other hair oil should be 1:2.

Ta-da! Now you’ll have thicker, longer and shinier hair.

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