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The drama serial “Suno Chanda” is a Pakistani drama serial, a Ramzan special series, that aired on Hum TV on the 17th of May, the beginning of Ramzan. The cast includes Farhan Saeed and Iqra Aziz in the main lead roles. Other cast members are Samina Ahmed, Nadia Afgan, Farah Shah, Farhan Ali Agha and Nabeel Zuberi.

The plot of the story revolves around members of an extended family who are very close to each other, they all have a history and some bad blood between some of them. The two main characters, Arsalan aka Arsal (Farhan Saeed) and Ajiya aka Jiya (Iqra Aziz) are cousins and have been Nikkah-ed to each other but are not yet living together because  the wedding reception is yet to happen. Both Jiya and Arsal do not want to be married to each other and they want to try and stop the wedding from happening. In the midst of this, other family members have their own stories going on simultaneously, and another cousin of theirs, Kinza, really likes Arsal and wants to be married to him so when she learns that Arsal and Jiya want to call off their wedding, she helps them so that she can get to marry Arsal. This is the setting in which other developments also keep taking place with other members of their “khaandaan”.

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The drama serial has gained a lot of popularity because of how the relationships that they portray and the family life and cultural depiction is all very relatable to the aam Pakistani awaam. On top of that, Farhan Saeed and Iqra Aziz have both outdone themselves as far as acting is concerned. The audience especially loves Farhan Saaed’s witty character in the drama, and the actor reportedly said, “I am more than content as the appreciation I am getting for this drama is way more than what I received for Udaari.”

The way the show is written and directed, the audience is pulled in, and slowly their hearts are weaved into each and every character’s life story which hooks them onto the show and makes them feel what they are feeling. It is a light comedy with a bit of drama thrown in here and there, and a lot of reality which makes it so easy to dive into, for the audience.

If you aren’t watching it already, I would recommend you catch up and start watching this very brilliantly made drama serial. Seriously.

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