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nokia 8 sirocco

As we all know, Nokia made a comeback in the smartphone industry and launched some impressive mid-range devices. The Nokia 8 from last year was a well-praised phone featuring flagship optionality for the Nokia fans. Nokia has launched the Nokia 8 Sirocco with some updated specifications to last year’s model hoping to be in line with other players.

The updated handset is more of a catch-up rather than a stand out model. The phone was launched in march in China and is only now available in UK. Here are some details you would love to know beforehand


Nokia has made the device look sturdy, while giving it some weight. The front now no longer includes the home button and finger sensor, freeing some extra space for the screen. The bezels have shrunk giving the face an elegant look. While fingerprint sensors where shifted to the rear of the set.

Nokia opted for a stainless-steel body which does give a good feel but the edges are reported to be slightly sharp to the grip.

Nokia 8 Sirocco front and back


The Nokia 8 Sirocco offers a 5.5” p-OLED display which comes with a QHD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. The display is sharp and the colors are good. But the selection for a 5.5 inch in today’s era may be considered out dated, while many fans do want love a smaller screen which is more practical to use.


Ouch!! The cameras in Nokia 8 Sirocco hasn’t been able to do wonders. The front camera does perform good in taking selfies but is limited to 5 megapixels whereas these price-range devices are mostly all at 8 or above. The back dual cameras 12-megapixel (standard) and 12-megapixel (telephoto) have reported to give average to good image results even though it is branded by Zeiss.


Nokia decided to keep the Qualcomm snapdragon 835 for the Sirocco. Yes, the same chipset from last year! But that must not be a concern as the chip is very powerful and would smoothly run the latest Android OS like a charm.
To make things better, the handset comes with 6GB of RAM making it a fast phone free of lags and 128GB of included storage. Unfortunately, the phone does not support an external memory card.
The battery seems promising at 3260 mAh expected to get all things done during the day without juicing out.


Ouch again! The phone’s price, having the updated features, was definitely expected to be up, but reviews suggests the handset at £649 might be overly priced. Nokia is even giving a giveaway at this price if you buy the phone before the 14th of June, and that is a free Google Home Mini bundle with the handset.

So, will the Nokia fan community be spending money on the new Nokia 8 Sirocco and compromise on the extra features available on other less priced phones? We’ll soon find out.

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