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Nikkah Nama

Can you imagine the anxiety that takes over when a gathering of over 100 people is waiting to hear you ‘qubool hai’? When despite of trying to get a strong grip over the pen, you just cannot seem to hold it correctly? When you’re about to sign a couple of pages that would change your status forever? Pages that are meant to change your life. Who you live with. How you live. Where you live. They decide your future, destiny and above all that, your happiness.

There’s a war like scenario at the time of nikkah if the girl enquires about the clauses mentioned in the nikkah nama while all the warriors conveniently bend their heads down in obedience if the maulvi sahib chooses to strike off Clauses 18 and 19 which delegate the right of divorce to the girl.


Ever wondered about the rights this contract gives to you, as a woman? Do you as a woman know that our state has given you the right to decide your mehr, decide when it is paid to you (prompt or deferred), decide whether you would want to add any other clauses to the contract (Yes, it is a contract!) and decide after discussing with your husband whether he would delegate the right of divorce to you (Oops, did I mention divorce while talking about nikkah??)

It is high time we as a society wake up and discuss such issues publicly. Would you be able to see your sister living a life she never wanted?

Would you, as a girl, want to spend your life in a relation that you could never feel complete in? Are you strong enough to see your daughter go through the pain of a broken marriage? When you cannot even imagine putting yourself in that situation, how would you be able to bear it, if it happens? IF!

Girls, go, get your rights – read before you sign!

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