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If you are a part of the tech savvy generation, I can bet that you already know everything there is to know about WhatsApp and how you can use it to communicate with anyone who has WhatsApp installed on their phone. But ever since Facebook bought WhatAspp, the features of the app are ever changing.

This time around the latest addition in WhatsApp is its new features for the group chats. For long WhatsApp has focused on making the one to one communication better on its platform and group chats haven’t got much attention from the forum. But this time around, the update is exclusively for the numerous amounts of group chats that we have on our phone. So what are these new amazing features?

Well remember that time when you would leave a WhatsApp group because you hated it, only to be added back by the admin of the group? That can’t happen anymore. With the new update, you have the option to leave the group chat permanently, and nobody can add you back in the chat. Well at least you won’t have to be a part of any annoying WhatsApp group anymore that you never wanted to be a part of.

I don’t know about you, but I just love the power and control have now.

whatsapp group chat

Another thing that has been updated is the fact that the admins of the group now have their well-deserved right. How you may ask? Well some of us may have faced a situation where one of us created a WhatsApp group and made another person the admin of the group alongside you. But that other admin ends up removing you from the group that you created. That one hurts. I know that feeling personally. Now, no one can do that to you if you are the creator of any specific group on WhatsApp. You will always have your rightful place in the group and no one would be able to remove the creator of the chat despite having other admins.

One last new feature that WhatsApp has is that now, in a group chat, you can locate the messages directly that mention you. So you don’t have to scroll through all the messages that don’t even concern you.

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These features are definitely great for any avid WhatsApp user who has a ton of WhatsApp groups. Here is hoping that WhatsApp continues to add more features for our benefit.

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