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Mother's Day

Everyone is giving out advice of the things you should do on Mother’s Day. Here I present ten things NOT to do on this day. Remember: it is the little things that really matter, don’t be oblivious to those!

  1. Please do not take a selfie with her first thing in the morning to post on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and then forget her for the whole day!!!
  2. Do not send her a bouquet of flowers and some chocolate if you live in the same city and can EASILY go and see her! A hug and a kiss would suffice!
  3. Do not forget to include your elder sisters, teachers in the celebration if they are mothers too.
  4. Do not send a text from the other room as the clock strikes twelve. Go and give her a big hug. Bonus: You can Snapchat it too!!
  5. Do not post a picture in which you look good but your mom doesn’t. (By not good I mean she looks a bit disheveled as she’s in the kitchen and you took an hour to look presentable for a picture you’ll put up on Facebook). ?‍♀️
  6. Do not feel guilty if you couldn’t buy her a present. Our moms are usually happier with the TIME we spend with them more than MONEY we spend on them.
  7. Do not let her go in the kitchen and slave away as usual thinking you did your part by wishing her. Try helping her with her chores all day.
  8. Do not post a long thank you note if she’s not on Facebook etc. Instead, make a cute handmade card and include your thank you note in it.
  9. Do not send her something YOU like and want a box of chocolates or candies lol. We all know most of our moms don’t devour chocolates and candies like us.
  10. 10) Do what you want but please do not make your mothers feel unwanted all year and special on one day only. They deserve our love, care, respect and acknowledgment all year round.

Happy Mother’s Day!! <3

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