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Met Gala 2018

The Met Ball, the party of the year as it is called, was set for the 7th of May. It had celebs pouring in wearing outfits to match this year’s Met Gala 2018 theme: “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”.

As the red carpet is rolled out, I, of course, had my opinion about the fashion sense of the personalities (even though I probably may not have any fashion sense myself but it’s always fun to judge right?). If you want to skip my opinion, ignore the text and enjoy the celebrity looks from Met Gala 2018.

For Starters, I think we all have to agree that this has to be the best look of the night (this or Rihanna). She might take a backseat with Blair on Gossip Girl, but she conquered the Met Gala. QUEEN. Hands down.

Rihanna at Met Gala 2018

Who else do we have here? Spotted: Selena Gomez back from her trip to the sun. Hehe, desi humour about the tan aside, her Coach outfit and Tiffany & Co. jewelry were definitely loved.

Selena Gomez at Met Gala 2018

This does remind me of… (back at it again with the tan jokes, sorry couldn’t help it)

Selena Gomez

Let’s just admit it is safe to say that Kylie Jenner did not only lose the baby bump this year. I mean look at those glasses…

Kylie Jenner at Met Gala 2018

Here’s some white-hot gorgeousness. Kendall Jenner at her finest – but for a regular red carpet. I think she went for the “boring look” instead of going with the theme.

Kendall Jenner at Met Gala 2018

Ooooh. Snap. Sizzle. Not sure how Gigi Hadid fits the theme but she sure is sizzling regardless.

Gigi Hadid at Met Gala 2018

Sure, this outfit looks fine, but isn’t Madonna supposed to crush this? Or are we expecting too much?

Madonna at Met Gala 2018

What were the fault in our stars, Shailene Woodley, to live to see you wear an outfit like this?

Shailene Woodley at Met Gala 2018

Just going to leave this one out for you to give a verdict on.

We also had the gorgeous Deepika Padukone, who didn’t get the memo and decided to just dress up pretty.

Deepika Padukone at Met Gala 2018

Here is someone who absolutely killed it capturing the theme beautifully while looking stunning at the same time!
Fact: Rihanna Borrowed a Real Cardinal’s (prince of the church) Hat for Her Met Gala Outfit

Rihanna at Met Gala 2018

Damn gurl, you even have Jason Derulo falling for you

damn gurl

Also slaying, Priyanka Chopra. While most are hating her look, she gelled and did justice to the theme quite fabulously.

Priyanka Chopra at Met Gala 2018

Well, that’s it for my bit. Comment if you agree or disagree! Give input on any hits or misses of celebrity looks from the Met Gala 2018 Red Carpet that you feel should def have been covered.

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