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mehndi henna designs

Over time so much has changed – the way that people celebrate the big moments in their life, the way they throw their wedding (note: advent of shendi, shalima etc), the way they want to dress up for it. Trends, style, taste and so much in between goes 180 to 360 again but what has always remained constant is Mehendi (henna)!

Mehndi has always been in fashion – be it Eid, Shaadi, Anniversary, Ameen or any major desi celebration.

What else has always been constant? My struggle to find the perfect mehendi design for my hands! Something delicate (haye, bareek mehndi design ftw right??) and not too over the top. Not being a mehendi fan (because the smell makes me nauseous) yet wanting a design so my hands would look pretty is a real problem. So I decided to put together my collection of screenshots from over the years; gathered for cousin ki shaadi, kissi ka nikkah waghera waghera, to make lives of those easier who have similar taste as me (or my sisters and friends who have equal contribution because of course this is a major decision requiring everyone’s approval)!

Behold as I unleash my gallery of mehndi designs to the world!

If you chose any of these, comment so I can know which one amongst these mehendi designs is your favourite!

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