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Meesha Shafi Permanently Moving To Canada?

Different platforms including Twitter and Instagram handles are reporting that Meesha Shafi, along with her family, is permanently moving to Canada? One question mark is definitely not enough for this!

Meesha Shafi’s legal representative, Nighat, puts rumours of her moving abroad to rest by clearly saying that the news is false.

At one and the same time it is also said that her plans of moving to Canada were from way before and people are just making her life miserable by mixing the two events together.

The news, however, is still snowballing with sources such as Diva Magazine, Metronome and Daily Pakistan posting on diverse electronic media.

Tune.TV also announced the news with conviction

And of course, we Pakistani’s are full of opinions too

Forming theories we also have:

While we have a few rational Meesha fans

The news is not confirmed as yet (unless you want to take Nighat’s word for it), even though it is all over the internet, it has been posted with some skepticism. The news is circulating fast but with question marks and statements such as “rumor has it”, we cannot be sure until the singer herself announces the move.

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