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New Angle to Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar Frenzy

For those unsure, the #MeToo movement really originated in 2006 when a social activist, Tarana Burke, started using this phrase on Myspace as a part of her campaign promoting empowerment through empathy amongst underprivileged women of color who have experienced sexual abuse.  She was inspired to use the phrase after she was speechless in front of a 13-year old girl who confided in her about being sexually assaulted. Tarana Burke just wished that she had at least said “Me Too” if nothing more.

In October 2017, the use of the hashtag was encouraged so as to give people a sense of the magnitude of this problem. The response was inconceivable and also included high profile posts from many celebrities.

Just weeks ago, social media was in an uproar again with Meesha Shafi’s tweet speaking out about being sexually harassed by Ali Zafar. We are not to say who is right and who is flawed, but it definitely stirred up a storm in the entertainment industry.


In reply to this Ali Zafar says “I have nothing to hide. Silence is absolutely not an option.” Being headstrong, he also said “Ultimately I am a strong believer that the truth, always prevails


While many hail her for coming out, there are others who condemn her as well and call her out for seeking attention.


And even though we’d like to keep all the negativity aside with the whole “blame game” episode behind us in hopes that truth comes forth, there’s a new angle that makes its way out.

This contribution is from a person who mingles with Meesha Shafi at different social settings. Apparently, the whole fiasco was a result of rage when Meesha Shafi demanded to be valued equally to Ali Zafar in monetary terms on Pepsi Battle of The Bands 2018 and was rejected. Source says Meesha Shafi went outside and tweeted 15 minutes after.

Though this may not be news to some audience as they already suspected it taking Meesha’s tweet with a pinch of salt.

We don’t know if Meesha Shafi’s agenda was to defame Ali Zafar or if this event is what triggered her to come out about this, so we are definitely not taking any sides before being absolutely sure.

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