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Would you want to have an airplane as a home and permanently live there? The idea sounds crazy, right? Well not to Bruce Campbell. Bruce Campbell worked as an electrical engineer before retiring and choosing to have a quiet life. However, he didn’t just go ahead and chose an ordinary life, instead he went on to have a crazy home at the craziest of places!

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Bruce Campbell has taken permanent residency on a Boeing 727 200 which is now parked in the middle of a forest in Portland, Oregon. The plane of course is not in use of any airline and was grounded I 1999. Its parts were supposed to be scraped as the plane could no longer be used for flights.

plane entrance

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However, Mr. Campbell did not think scraping the plane was a good idea; hence he bought the plane for a price of only $100,000 which is a really small amount of money as compared to the price of actual homes in USA. In addition to that the cost of moving the plane and restoring it was another $120,000 making the grand total $220,000. This is still less than any average 2-bedroom apartment in the city.

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Mr. Campbell has also used all of the plane’s actual parts to maintain its originality while he has also filled it with his own furniture. he has made the cockpit a reading area for himself while the main seating area of the plane is where he sleeps. The toilet of the plane also remains intact and functional.

boeing plane into home

plane home at night

For any of the millennial generation folks who are looking for a minimalistic lifestyle in addition to having a home which is in their budget, may also think about getting a retired plane for themselves to live in. At least this way they would have a solid roof over their head. So could this be the new trend that we, the millennial start? Airplane homes?

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