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Log KYUN Kahaingay?

I think the question should be Log KYUN kahenge? What do I mean, you’re saying?

I mean think of it. If you are sure what you’re going to do or say is correct by moral and ethical standards, is not hurting a living being and does not have any harmful consequences then why would anyone sane say something?
And if they do say something, they’re not the ones worth listening to, are they?

Let me give you an example. Yes, I’m coming to the reason why the chai wala is gracing my article.
Do you remember him? Vaguely right? Well, rumors, gossip, and talks are like the chai wala, not literally, off course.
Once they are the news and in the news, they’re the talk of the town, people gossip about them, compare them, even ridicule them. They take pictures, make it big.

Once they are tired they toss him away. They move on to something else, someone else to roast and grill.

Once you do something you want, something your elders condemn by throwing the famous log kya kahenge quote at you, scaring you, people will rush to criticise and make fun of you. After a while, they will shut up and move on. They won’t remember why and what you did and said.

Never let people come in the way of your dreams and desires. Show them what you’ve got. No, flaunt it and let them be mere spectators to your magic show.

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Sarah D. Fawad
Writer, poet, blogger. Masters in English Literature. Niche of writing is societal issues, women related problems. Love wit, sarcasm, and humour is my mother tongue.

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