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Lahore has always been a city full of a rich history, culture and poetry but that’s just not it! Over years from leading agriculture, now Lahore is leading some major fashion trends and amazing makeup artists. Kyunke, Lahore Lahore hai.

(Definitely don’t want a makeup disaster)

Here are Lahore’s *trusted* Top makeup artists:

1. Ather Shahzad

He charges a whooping Rs.180, 000 for bridal makeup.

ather shahzad makeup

2. Natasha Khan

She has to be my personal favourite. I love her all her looks, esp her valima brides!

(Prices not available) 

3. Hifsa Khan

Her makeup speaks royalty and her charges start from Rs90, 000- which seems like a decent amount.

marium khuwaja makeup

4. Marium Khawaja

Her prices have gone up to Rs.135, 000 however it includes all services including mehendi!

marium khuwaja makeup

5. Amina Raja

She is known for her dramatic and shimmery eye make-up looks!

amina raja makeup

6. Madeeha’s Beauty & Bridal Salon

The traditional Pakistani bride touch is her most celebrated works.

madiha salon makeup

7. Numra Waqas

If you’re a fan of glamorous looks and low on budget, Numra is the way to go.

numra waqas makeup

So, have you picked your fav yet??

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