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Jeeto Pakistan

Since the very first TV game show broadcasted on TV in 1938, “The Spelling Bee”, people have had a great interest in watching people play games on TV” transitioning into “playing games on the TV shows themselves. The popularity of TV game shows started to gradually increase by the end of the 20th century with more and more reality shows and game shows of all kinds being aired on screen.

“Here we are today 80 years from the beginning of TV games shows and large audiences are still amused enough to turn on their screens to watch them.”

TV gameshows in Pakistan commenced in the mid 70’s with the famous and well-known show “Neelam Ghar” later to be called Bazm-e-Tariq Aziz. Many other shows also rolled in, but with less popularity. The industry started to dwindle with very few game shows being aired in between 2010-2013.

In 2014, game shows once again hit the screens and brought back their popularity.

But how? When a show like “JEETO PAKISTAN” is aired, you really don’t have any other option but to grab the TV remote and say “koi channel change nahi karega” (no one will change the channel).

“Koi channel change nahi karega, Jeeto Pakistan laga hai”.


Jeeto Pakistan is one of the most popular gameshows in Pakistan hosted by Fahad Mustafa. It first aired on 18th May 2014 on ARY and currently airs live on Fridays and Sundays.  It is a show where the audiences are thrilled while being entertained at the same time with a various segment and ongoing light comedy. You never know what fortune will bring you in Jeeto Pakistan and might be lucky enough to end up going home in a brand new car.

The audiences are the actual participants; selected randomly. They play simple games and win many different prizes including Cash, Gold, Cars, Motorbikes, Home appliances, Vacation Packages, Electronic goodies and different gift hampers for free. Wait… what? FOR FREE?? Yes! All for free and if that isn’t interesting enough, the prizes are not limited to the audiences present at the show, but LIVE CALLERS also have the chance to participate on-call and win. WOW!

Above all, the show maintains its decency with the audience, as people from all walks are invited and no one is discriminated against.

The show is funded by sponsors, advertisers, and commercial brands.


Following are some of the segments that keep the show full of charisma and excitement:

Car Bachao Ghar Lai Jao

A lucky contestant to win a brand new car. YES! You can Win a car by simply answering correctly to Fahad’s questions. Wrong answers would definitely get you away from the car but you may end up taking home some other prize or hamper instead. That’s the beauty of this show.

Everyone goes home happy with smiles plastered on their faces.

Khul Gai Qismat

In this segment, the host Fahad asks about random items which they may have on them. Whoever comes up with these items, wins.

Celebrity Guest

Ah Yes! You may meet a celebrity as well. The guest celebrity will join the stage and become part of the fun. Imagine a celebrity playing a game with you!! A dream come true? I’d say so!

Baat Banti Hai

Ahoy!! Riches ahead. Just guess the current quantity of gold hidden in the boxes and go home ‘a rich man’.

Jeeto Pakistan Gold

Other segments included are:

  • Handi Charhao Inam Pakao
  • Jeet Kai Dikao
  • Bigul Bajao Inaam Pao
  • Dil Walay Inam Laijangay
  • Sahulat Bazar
  • Nannay Ustad
  • Fakhr-e-Pakistan
  • JAbhi Tu Main Jawan Hoon


Jeeto Pakistan passes are obtained through online registrations on ARY Digital’s official website. There are no restrictions of any kind and anyone from the country can participate by obtaining Jeeto Pakistan passes. Keep in mind the show is hosted mostly in Karachi studios. Willing candidates can fill the very easy-to-understand form and apply from their homes.  The form requires basic information like Name, CNIC, and Address, and one can apply for multiple guests as well.

Apply now to enjoy the show live! Win plenty and have the best weekend with family, friends, fellow Pakistanis and celebs on the show.

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