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Inspired By Her is an international educative and practical platform that has been developed to encourage women to come forward and invest in themselves, and focus on becoming shepherds rather than sheep. It is designed to develop women initiators; to harness potential within women and encourage them to take charge and become leaders in their own communities.

Inspired By Her (IBH) started in Kabul, Afghanistan and its first program was organized in January 2015. Since then the initiative grew and developed considerable, making it to expand to Pakistan in 2017. IBH conducted their firsthand premium program under the name of “Inspired By Her Academy” last year in Lahore, and this year they are coming to Karachi. The IBH Academy program runs under 3 Modules: Learn, Lead and Inspire, each of them for one month.

The first month (Learn Module) is made up of various sessions (the dates are set for 1,2,3, 4, 9,10,11, 18 and 31 of August) where participants are trained in leadership skills, project management, business development, planning and innovation, communication and soft skills/vocational training. These sessions are conducted by local and international leaders, who volunteer to be a part of this positive initiative.

Inspired by her

After the first month, the next month (Lead Module) is when the practical project initiation phase will begin. Participants have to design and conduct their own social impact initiatives, with the assistance of our team and under the coaching of the mentors.

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In the third month (Inspire Module) the participants will have to deliver their projects and attend the Graduation Ceremony where the diplomas will be awarded. All well it will be announced who has been the girl who performed the best during the whole Academy to be awarded a fully financed opportunity for an exchange program abroad.

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IBH Academy is an incredible opportunity for women in Pakistan. It is unlike any “leadership conference”, where speakers come, deliver motivational speeches, but nothing material comes out of this experience. The reason why IBH Academy is different is the reason why all women/girls reading this article should be a part of this academy. And those reasons are:

1. To reinstate confidence

All human beings are born confident. The society systemically breaks down our confidence because of the standards they place, and the way they tell us to be. IBH is the only platform where women from all backgrounds will come together, share experiences, and be told that they are all empowered – their powerlessness is all in their head. If they want they can move mountains.

2. Develop communication and other soft skills

For all leadership ventures, communication is key. Women are often victims of being told that they should not speak about a certain topic because they don’t know enough about it. IBH will give them the confidence, and the skills, to be able to talk about any topic, and to convey their thoughts and ideas effectively. To be an effective leader, one needs to be clear and brief, and have their thoughts and actions aligned. This workshop will enable women to receive the training required to think in a disciplined manner, and then to convey those thoughts in a clear manner.

3. You will realize your potential

IBH will help you discover your passion and make you realize your potential. Whether its negotiation, or teamwork, or orating, IBH will give you the chance to try out different things and discover what it is that you enjoy the most, and the thing you are best at. And it will allow you to pursue it.

4. You will become a global citizen

Once you are a part of IBH, you will be connected to all the participants who are a part of it, and the network you will make will help you in all phases of your life. IBH will give you this network, and will also teach you to help and support other women. The biggest part of any women empowerment project is to ensure that women push each other upwards, and IBH will inculcate those tendencies in you. It is more than just an organization – it is a community.

5. Effective Engagement 

Being a part of IBH Academy will help you engage more effectively and productively with people. It will make your daily life conversations more enriching. You will know what you want from your work, from your life, and you will not settle for anything less. It will teach you what your rights are, what your capabilities are, and you will understand that you are more than what you thought you were. You will value yourself more and you will value other women more.

Sharing experiences and realizing that everyone has a story to tell makes one so much more empathetic. And that changes how you see the world. And IBH Academy can give you that.

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