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Today’s world features a mass population with plugged ears, I mean ears plugged with headphones and ear pods streaming and listening to their favourite playlists. People have always been addicted to music and Google now attempts to become a challenger in the music streaming space. Google recently has announced on Thursday the launch of YouTube Music.

Google aims for music fans to pay for unlimited streaming service. The new music service will be launched on the 22nd of May and would be up against the famous music streamers, Apple music and Spotify.

Would Google’s YouTube Music be sturdy enough to challenge its competitors?

That’s still to be known but even though the service is yet to be released here is what we know;


The recently released screenshots suggest that it would resemble Spotify and would offer the service to browse official songs and albums, countless playlists remixes with the option to save them to a library, explore trending music, and create custom playlists.

Based on your listening habits, Google Assistant will also help recommend songs along with the time of the day and location.

YouTube Music’s advantage over the tens and millions of songs offered by Apple music and Spotify other streaming services is that it not only provides officially licensed music, but also user-generated music like covers, remixes, and concert footage. This option is something other music streaming services are not getting in line with.

The Price

Google’s new music service would be divided into two. The free version YouTube Music would be ad-supported, while YouTube Music Premium would cost $10 for ad-free access to music and (you will love this) the ability to minimize your YouTube app while music will continue playing.

Ads would be the only drawback which many aren’t bothered of if they save 10 bucks. Other music streaming services also offer ad-support but Apple and Amazon Music remain ad-free.

Many of us already use YouTube to stream our beloved songs but still have to use other music apps to complete the deal. So are you ready to ditch your favourite music streaming app and switch over to Google’s YouTube Music? Let us know and let’s hope the service offers a complete window solution to our music app dilemma.

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