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Generation PK

With Ramzan coming to an end (already?! – it feels like yesterday that Ramzan was about to start), our news feeds and SMS inbox both are filled with news and messages from different clothing brands about their “Eid Collection ‘18”. Stitched, unstitched, formal, luxury pret, luxury lawn, and so on and so forth. Different fancy names, same types of clothes.

It’s about time someone did something differently.

Generation eid

Well – I saw Generation PK trying to up the game a little. Their newest Eid Collection ‘18 campaign is all about incorporating a “variety of moods, colors, silhouettes and craftsmanship that embraces the diversity of our customers.” If you look at the photos – attached below – you will see their campaign has models of different skin tones, shapes and sizes, representing a wide variety of people.

Generation 2018

generation lead

Generation PK 2

I think they have made a master move. Especially in Pakistan, we are so consumed by this post colonial complex where we are constantly trying to achieve whiter skin, and we are trying to look more Anglo. In a world where fairness creams trump all other ads on local tv, Generation PK has spoken to the women who wish to break these bars and embrace their skin color, and just be natural.

I feel this is a very empowering campaign. It is, of course, a very smart campaign also, as it is very inclusive and welcoming and warm, but it is also empowering. In a country which is bent backwards trying to please their colonial ideals, this was necessary. It breaks stereotypes and goes on to amalgamate all colors, skin types, skin conditions into one large family bonded by acceptance and tolerance and love.

On a more macro level, Generation PK has take a step – regardless of how small or big – towards uniting this country. Pakistan, today, is divided on the basis of creed, race, caste, ethnicity, language, province, color – and this non-fussy, silent campaign has opened up people’s eyes towards accepting difference as something which makes us more beautiful, not less.

I’d like to thank Generation PK on behalf of all those women who don’t want to be fair and lovely (no offense – it’s just a tag line stuck in my brain). We want to be however we are and proud of it.

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