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Deadpool Photoshopped Himself On Movie Covers

Promoting a new movie is no easy feat especially when you have a major blockbuster like Avengers Infinity War come out the same season. It is hard to compete, let alone stand out with a superhero movie that has a really dedicated and massive fan following. However, following the norms is not exactly Deadpool’s style.

The promotional team for Deadpool has Ryan Reynolds do some really crazy stuff in order to gain the maximum amount of attention for Deadpool 2. There was this one time when Ryan Reynolds, dressed as Deadpool, interrupted Hugh Jackman’s video birthday message to his wife. One other stunt he pulled off was when Deadpool went to a Korean singing show with a unicorn mask and sang in a really good voice.

Office Space

However, the latest promotion for the film is like unlike any that we have ever seen. The promotional team of Deadpool 2 has managed to get Deadpool’s face appear on the DVD cover of a few classic movies. You will have to see it to believe it.

For the people who are familiar with the X-men franchise, we all know how the actual cover of X-Men Apocalypse features Apocalypse and the other mutants. But no. Not in the version that is seen here with only Deadpool’s face in place of the main villain and no one else.

X-Men Apocalypse

Similarly, “The Good the Bad and the Ugly” from 1966, an action-packed movie that featured Clint Eastwood as the major lead now feature Deadpool on their cover.

Good Bad Ugly


Another example is “Fight Club” where we see Deadpool in the place of not just one, but two main characters.
A comedy film “Office Space” was the butt of yet another Deadpool cameo on its DVD cover, but this time around, Deadpool was not the main character in the cover, but instead was standing behind the main character.

Fight Club

three very serious and action-packed movies, Predator, Terminator, and Logan also got to be a part of Deadpool’s jokes where Deadpool is again the only one on the cover. On the other hand, another comedy movie, Revenge of the Nerds became a part of Deadpool’s promotions.

The Terminator

X-men franchise continues to be the victim of Deadpool’s jokes with 2 more DVD covers featuring Deadpool. Although admittedly, the cover of Logan still chiefly features the hand of Wolverine while the smaller hand is of the Deadpool.


A very serious film Castaway has also become seemingly funny because of Deadpool being portrayed as the lead in the film according to the DVD cover. The list goes on with Edwards Scissor Hands, Assassin’s Creed, War of the Planet of the Apes, My Cousin Vinny and Speed, all featuring Deadpool as the main lead and providing the people a good laugh.

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