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Cake 2018

Let me start off by saying that Cake, the movie, is for a certain target audience. It’s a very common phenomenon in our society that comedy and romance are easily preferred over biographical and serious movies. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to watch a movie filled with typical romance and item songs – but let me warn you Cake as a movie is everything but that.

Being a sucker for emotional movies, Cake spoke to me. In simple words, I would describe it to be simply heart touching. The Cake reminds of what I really loved about Pakistani cinema. It is the beauty of the storyline and the characters that are highly commendable. To be very honest, I tried predicting the movie (being a movie freak it is what I love to do), but failed every time as it was filled with twists and turns that left its audience struck with shock.

It was definitely not meant for those who want ‘typical Bollywood entertainment’. It was a movie filled with handpicked actors who did their finest. Amna Sheikh and Sanam Saeed topping it off with their genuine charismatic feel and real acting. The movie was close to reality, making one realize the importance of family. A lot of people had compared it to Kapoor & sons. Yes, I agree the idea of revolving the plot around problems of a family is similar. Whereas, story-wise it was far more well developed and deep. I was drenched in tears by the end of the movie (yes I cry at sloppy movies, you will too!). Overall it was well directed and beautifully written. Not allowing the audience to figure out the whole story at once. Here’s to greater movies in the Pakistani cinema!


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