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Pakistanis are good at so many things… but due to our (very, very tragic) post-colonial complex, we refuse to appreciate and give due credit to our own home-grown brands and run after international brands which are expensive AF and basically just not worth it (see how I incorporated Loreal’s tagline in here HA!).

Here I am going to list down 5 local shoe brands in Pakistan. They are comfortable, they are stylish, and most of all, they are not a rip-off. They represent our culture, our style, our homeliness. Here goes their list, in no particular order, because we should bring each other up and not pit Pakistanis against one another. We are all here to co-exist.


Located in Lahore, Almas rose to popularity because of its shoes and bags. Quirky, fashionable and affordable, Almas offers the youth of Pakistan fashion at extreme ease. Apart from shoes and bags, Almas also stocks clothes (both men and women), and jewelry.


Hobo by Hub:

Hub Leather has been around Pakistan since forever and has been well-known for its brilliant quality products and long-lasting leather. Hub launched its shoe brand, Hobo, a few years ago and the brand has been doing well for itself. The designs are cute and stylish, and Hub Leather products cannot be anything less than comfortable. Not as cheap as other local shoe brands might be, Hobo by Hub is worth its money.



The brand name speaks for itself: it is quintessential Pakistani. The brand is famous for modernizing the kohlapuri – making it edgy and fashionable and classy – making it relatable to the youth of Pakistan who wants to embrace the culture in a millennial way.


Cocoon by Amna Baber:

This brand popped up about a year and a half ago. Oozing comfort and elegance, Cocoon is the new age Pakistani girl: she goes to work, she juggles university and household chores, she likes to party. She is all of us. Affordable and amazing, Cocoon has cemented its place in a very short span of time.


Shoe Planet:

If you live in Karachi, there is very little chance that you have not heard of this brand. Situated at Tariq Road, the heart of the city, Shoe Planet has now expanded from a small store to a multi-storey building. Serving customers of all ages – it has shoes for my mum and for me – and they are all comfortable and stylish and very, very Pakistani, not to mention affordable.

Shoe Planet

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Zainab Alam
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