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Be You. The World Will Adjust.

Log kehtay rahay har qadam par ‘tum nahi kar pao gee’. Mainay unkay har nahi ko ‘haan main kar kay dekhao gee’ main badla. Tum sochtay ho ‘log kya kaheingay?’ Kabhi yeh socha hai tum apnay aap say kya kaho gay agar logo gee nahi par yaqeen karlo gay. Sirf apni soch ki fikar karo kyun kay aik waqt ayega jab wohi log jo tumhein ooper uthatay hai zameen par la patkay gay aur kuch zameen say utha kar aasman par betha day gay lekin koi bhi hamesha saath nahi dega. Tum khud kay saathi ho bus. Apnay par bharosa rakho and chal do dunya ko apni mutti main band karnay ✨

Many people tell me that ‘You make being different look so easy. How do you do it?‘ ‘You are so happy despite your struggles’ ‘You are so outspoken and courageous‘ To be honest, it’s not easy and trusts me there are always two sides of a coin. People only reveal what they want to reveal about themselves. My entire life all I wanted to do was be ordinary. It’s funny that how people want to be extraordinary but I, on the other hand, wanted to be ordinary.
But the answer to all such statements is that the day you accept yourself for who you are it all becomes easy.

It’s okay if you’re fat and not a size 0. It’s okay if you’re not fair toned and dark skinned. It’s okay if you’ve crossed your 20s and are still unmarried. It’s okay if you’re failing in life unlike others around you. It’s okay if you graduate late or get a job later than your friends. It’s okay if you’re not smart or pretty. It’s okay if you’re different like me. But what matters the most is how comfortable you are in your own skin. The day you’ll stop living according to the standards set by people who don’t really care about you that will be the day you’ll realize how beautiful you really are and how capable you are.

Be You

I wasn’t always this confident. I was this shy, timid girl who would be scared to speak up for herself because she was afraid of being judged. But then I decided that I just have one life and I won’t live it according to the standards set by people. Are these people there when you need them? When you’re lost, and you want someone to show you the light? No, right. So why do we live for them and not ourselves? Why do you we give them the power to make or break us? WHY?

I love how imperfect I am because from where I see it Amna Raheel is perfect the way she is and if I get another life I’ll choose to be myself. So, stop looking for validation from people who will never be satisfied even if you gave your life for them. Validate yourself and become your best version. And trust me you’ll be finding yourself breaking down doors you thought were sealed shut.

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Amna Raheel
The Girl With Wings. Differently-abled. Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?

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