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Askari Amusement Park

Are you still planning on what to do this Eid? Plan no more because Askari Amusement Park is offering you an amazing and unforgettable Holiday this Eid-Ul-Fitr onwards.

Askari Amusement Park will be opening its door for the beloved people of Karachi on the first day of Eid-ul-Fitr. It is the first outdoor amusement park in Pakistan that has been built having international standard facilities offering a premium experience that is unique of its kind to the customers.

The park is spread across 30 acres of land and will be packing the fun in more than 40 kinds of different rides, for children and adults both. The thrilling rides are guaranteed to make you scream with amusement and joy.

The Roller coaster ride of the Amusement Park will be one of the rides the people of Karachi have only being watching in videos till now as it will be the only international standard roller coaster rides in Pakistan. We challenge you to take the three loop roller electrifying and exhilarating coaster ride without screaming at the top of your lungs with excitement.

While your heart will still be rocking from the roller coaster the park will be offering you a 140 ft free fall swing that is a No-Go area for the weak hearted!


Other extreme fun-rides in the park are

  • An Air conditioned Wheel having 170 ft height
  • A 90 ft pendulum which revolves around 360 axis spinning your head in circles
  • The Sling shot, which will stop your heart beat while you go 120 ft up

The Park includes rides for kids and families such as The Ferris Wheel Car, Pirate Ship, Luxury Flying Ship, Disco Tagada and yes, the all-time favorite Bumper Cars!

Along with the rides, the amusement park will also offer other entertainment facilities for the customers including an indoor lounge having a food court and a completely mesmerizing experience of virtual reality never experienced before.

Here is what the park has to say about themselves;

“Wonderfully located in the middle of the city of lights, nearby an everyday functioning place you find a park to relax Askari Amusement Park. Young and old both can find everything for an unforgettable family outing: one of the most beautiful amusement parks of the Pakistan, Thrilling rides, nowhere to be found in Pakistan, a family relaxing site, comfortable and safe environment for family and kids.”

Askari Amusement Park is located at Main University Road, Old Sabzi Mandi and has planned a Parking space accommodated in 5 acres of land. For more details you can call, fax or email them at:

  • Toll-Free # 000-999-8888
  • Fax # 814-835-7435
  •  Email:

We are not going to miss this extraordinary holiday trip to the wonderland of amusement this Eid and are hoping to see you there with us! Askari Amusement Park, here we come!

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